Never miss an expiration

We keep track of your CDC expiration dates for you. If one of your leases is in danger of expiring, we'll send you an email and let you know.

We'll do the date calculation

You enter each lease's renewal information and CDC types. When you add a new drill, we'll do the annoying work of calculating the next expiration.

Add your whole team

It takes a lot of people to run your business. Multiple team members can have access to the same account, so everyone is always on the same page.

Access from anywhere

You can access your lease information anywhere you have an internet connection. We store your information securely.

Immediate signup (almost)

Most software companies make you jump through hoops just to get an account. With us, you can have a live, active account in under 5 minutes.

Free for 30 Days
Then $50 per month for
your first 500 leases while we're in beta.